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Anita Knight
MA (Counselling CYP) PgCert (Advanced Counselling Practice) PGDip BSc (Hons) Psych.

Counsellor / Psychotherapist
for children aged from 5 years, young people, adults & couples.

Supervision Services available for counselling professionals, currently at reduced rates. Please ask for more details.

Counselling at SY3 (Meole Brace) & SY5 (near Welshpool & Bishops Castle) OR online .

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Tel: 07482 048484
Are you or your child often:  
  Anxious?                                      Stressed?                                                                                            Angry?
                            Depressed?                                 Struggling with people or problems?

Children and Young People
Children often find it difficult to understand their feelings and even more difficult to explain them using words , which is why their behaviour frequently changes when  they experience something that is confusing, uncomfortable or upsetting. It is normal for most parents to be unsure about the best way to help their child during challenging times or periods of ongoing difficulty and in fact no matter how experienced or well trained we are , supporting our own children with problems is generally not enough!
Giving your child the opportunity  to  explore and process how they feel through  play  in counselling with a variety of toys, books and art and craft materials can be helpful without them even realising it.

Young people  often find that although they may have some understanding of how  they feel, they don't always know why they are feeling it . Adolescence is a  stage of life where young people often feel confused about who they are and how they want to be. They also begin to notice differences between themselves and their parents which can leave them feeling lonely, vulnerable and unable to share any worries they may be having with those who have previously been the closest people to them. Some young people end up feeling desperate and begin using self harm or other unhealthy things to help them cope.
 I can offer a safe space to share or explore anything that might be causing any difficulties or confusion.

Sometimes things happen and it's easy to end up in a difficult place. It is likely that at some point in life you will feel stuck, trapped, anxious, depressed, not good enough or judged. This is likely to be because  you have  had experiences in  life that are impacting you ,. During your sessions I won't tell  you what to do, but together we can try to understand  how things are and explore  your feelings and emotions together so that you can make changes you want.

When we first meet our partner, we generally notice the things that we like and similarities between us and them, but over time we begin to spot differences and things can begin to become annoying. It might be that your ways of communicating are different or that you're pressing each others buttons or  you might just feel misunderstood or not heard or noticed. These are normal reactions within relationships but can become the very things that cause  your relationship to end if you don't seek help.
In  couple or relationship counselling I look at how things are playing out and share with you my understanding of what is happeneing so that together we can think about what you want from  the relationship and how to achieve this.

 Counselling should be a choice and this should be established before any work begins. For this reason I offer an assessment session so that you can decide whether my approach is suited to your needs and if you're feeling ready. 
Qualifications and experience:
Some areas I work with:
  • Anxiety / stress
  • Depression / feeling low
  • Confidence / self esteem
  • Loss / bereavement
  • Anger management
  • Trauma / abuse
  • Self harm

  • Relationships

  • Attachment patterns

  • Family breakdown /  problems

  • Self injury / self harm

  • Addictions- alcohol, gambling

  • Post Graduate Certificate in Advanced Counselling Practice with Merit

  • Masters Degree in Counselling Children and Young People with Merit
  • NHS, Tavistock & Portman Association
         Post Graduate Diploma in Psychoanalytic Observational Studies with Merit
  • Batchelor of Science Degree (with honours) in Psychology Upper 2:1
             With BPS Graduate Membership Eligibility - not currently registered

  • GAMCARE training
          Working with people who have gambling addictions

  • NHS training
         An Introduction to CBT

  • Couples counselling training (2018)

  • Currently undertaking Supervisor's Training

  • Accredited member of the British Association for Counsellors & Psychotherapists -

  • Ex Relate Registered Children & Young People's  counsellor
People and organisations I have worked with:

  • GPs & Peadiatricains 
  • Schools
  • Social Care
  • Private individuals
  • Couples
  • Looked After Children
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